Bringing A New English Bulldog Puppy Into Your Home

English Bulldog Health Problems

 English Bulldogs Make The Best Pets

English Bulldogs are the very best pets and make wonderful companions and additions to any family. If you are looking for a lovable, loyal pet to bring into your family, you really can’t go wrong with an English Bulldog. They really are great for families with children and even make great companions for elderly people with their laid back temperament. Bulldogs are not going to want to play outside for hours on end, but if you are looking for a wonderful pet to cuddle up with you on the sofa while you watch your favorite TV show, then bulldogs are definitely your breed. As long as you are ok with the snoring and occasional gas!

While English Bulldogs are great additions for any family, there are some things you should be aware of before you bring an English Bulldog into your home. English Bulldog care is something that is very important to read up on when welcoming your new loved one into the family. These little guys do require some special attention that other breeds may not. As long as you are aware of this before bringing your “bully” into the house, you should be fine.

Along with caring for your bully, there are some health problems that are seen in English Bulldogs. It’s important to know what to look for in your new puppy and be aware of some typical signs that your bulldog puppy may be showing you that they are not feeling too good. While it’s nothing that should deter you from bringing an English Bulldog into your home, it is important to be aware of.

There are plenty of sources for great English Bulldog information. One of the best sources I have been able to find online is They are very knowledgeable about English Bulldogs and the information on the site is organized well and very accessible.


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